A.O.T. Wings of Freedom Achievement List

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
After a successful release on Playstation 4 in Japan in February, Tecmo KOEI decided to surprise us all with the news that not only would A.O.T. Wings of Freedom be releasing in the west, it would be arriving on Xbox One too.

In the game, humanity is forced to live inside walled cities. The walls are designed to keep out the carnivorous titans, giant beings that feed upon human flesh. Players will be following along with the first series of the Attack on Titan, which sees three friends (Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann and Armin Arlelt) join the Scout Regiment to protect their city from the threat of these titans.

AoT Wings of Freedom

The trophies for the Japanese Playstation 4 release of the game showed a good variety of tasks that players will need to compete. Players would need to complete Attack Mode with S ranks in every chapter, complete Survey Missions and the Gallery to 100% and complete all requests, as well as completing a variety of actions during battles. Is the achievement list any different? Find out below.

There are 35 non secret achievements:
  • Continuous Subjugation Medal - Performe 10 Complete Subjugations in a row during one battle. (20 GS)
  • All Requirements Achieved - Acquire all achievements. (100 GS)
  • Survey Merit 1 - Reach 25% Survey Mission completion. (10 GS)
  • Survey Merit 2 - Reach 50% Survey Mission completion. (20 GS)
  • Survey Merit 3 - Reach 100% Survey Mission completion. (50 GS)
  • Reliable Comrade - Complete 10 requests. (10 GS)
  • Hope for Everyone - Complete all requests. (30 GS)
  • Exceptional One - Achieve a Battle Rating of S in an episode. (10 GS)
  • Largest Count of Subjugation Medal - Performe 50 Complete Subjugations during one battle. (50 GS)
  • Complete Subjugation Medal - Achieve a Battle Rating of S in all Attack Mode episodes. (50 GS)
  • Journey to the Unknown 1 - Reach 10% Gallery completion. (20 GS)
  • Journey to the Unknown 2 - Reach 25% Gallery completion. (20 GS)
  • Journey to the Unknown 3 - Reach 50% Gallery completion. (30 GS)
  • Journey to the Unknown 4 - Reach 100% Gallery completion. (50 GS)
  • First Class Soldier - Reach maximum Soldier Skill with a character. (20 GS)
  • Strongest Army Corps - Reach maximum Corps Skill. (30 GS)
  • First Time for Development - Develop a weapon. (10 GS)
  • Necessary Investment - Use more than 100,000 Corps Funds in total. (30 GS)
  • Devote Your Lives to the Cause!! - Unlock all characters. (30 GS)
  • Counterattack Roar - Subjugate a Titan with Eren. (10 GS)
  • The Greatest Soldier of All Humanity - Subjugate a Titan with Levi. (10 GS)
  • Results of Training - Engage in omni-directional movement for 1 minute without landing. (10 GS)
  • Lightning Speed - Subjugate 10 Titans within 1 minute. (10 GS)
  • Trustworthy Comrades - Have an ally join. (10 GS)
  • Mutual Support - Save a friend. (10 GS)
  • Don't Miss an Opportunity - Activate a Decisive Battle Signal. (10 GS)
  • Complete Victory - Fight to victory in 10 battles without taking any damage. (20 GS)
  • Overcome a Life and Death Situation - Avoid 30 Titan attacks in Focus Time. (20 GS)
  • Resourcefulness - Complete a total of 30 side-missions. (20 GS)
  • Thorough Preparation - Use items a total of 100 times. (20 GS)
  • Fight!! - Subjugate a total of 1,000 enemies. (50 GS)
  • Exceptional Subjugation Teamwork - Damage a total of 100 parts. (20 GS)
  • Strong Team - Allies damage a total of 100 parts. (20 GS)
  • Honorable Salute - Have over 100 allies join. (20 GS)
  • Overcome the Fear of Death - Experience over 100 friendly unit deaths. (10 GS)
There are 8 secret achievements:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

For full details about the title visit the A.O.T. Wings of Freedom page.
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