Grand Theft Auto V's Freemode Week Brings Double RP and GTA$

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Another week, another Grand Theft Auto V event. Which, if you're still trying to reach rank 100, or just want to fill your in-game bank account to the brim with cash, is probably okay with you. This one, entitled Freemode Week, will bring the usual spectrum of in-game discounts and double RP/GTA$ game modes.

This time, if you want to be reaping the double bonuses, you'll have to direct your attention toward Freemode Events, which are getting double GTA$ and RP for the next week. If you don't recall the Freemode Events update from last September, here is a refresher. This update added a new way to play GTA V in a variety of different game modes without loading screens and lobbies. The madness includes Hunt the Beast, King of the Castle, Hot Property, Moving Target, Checkpoint Challenge, Kill List and Kill List Competitive, Dead Drop, Hold the Wheel and Time Trial. Also added were Freemode Challenges, allowing you to compete against other players to see who can succeed in challenges like driving the furthest without crashing, or free-falling the furthest before using a parachute.

Freemode Week

This week's vehicle discounts include 25% off the Vapid FMJ, 50% off the Karin Sultan RS, 50% off Ignition and Car Bombs and 25% off re-sprays. If you're looking to outfit your arsenal, there is 50% off Body Armor and Pistols, 25% off SMGs and Assault Rifles and 50% off Luxury Weapon Finishes.

You can also achieve triple RP by competing in this week's premium stunt race, Rally. The event "pays top finishers GTA$100,000 for first, GTA$30,000 for second and GTA$20,000 for third. Set to Sports vehicles only, all competitors in this Grand Senora-based Point to Point will be awarded Triple RP."

Freemode Week is already live and will run until Thursday, September 1st. GTA events are only available on current-gen systems including Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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