TGN First Impression: We Happy Few

By Kevin Tavore, 7 months ago
We Happy Few made waves when it was first announced due to its rather unique style. Everyone seems so happy, yet there's clearly something very wrong in the most disturbing of ways. On their face, each character seems like a lovely person. The world is a wonderful place, but there's always an inkling that the next person you meet might just be best friends with The Joker, and he's a creep.

Is it really all sunshine and rainbows?Is it really all sunshine and rainbows?

Today, Dean is here to share some of his thoughts on whether or not the game was able to match the intriguing style with gameplay worth experiencing. He also delves a little deeper into the themes of the game, so we get a chance to see whether or not the trailer is selling more than the game has to offer.

We Happy Few is currently available as part of the Xbox One Game Preview Program.
Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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