Wreckfest Announced For Consoles

By Sam Quirke,
If you remember FlatOut on the original Xbox, or have tried your hand at FlatOut Ultimate Carnage for the 360 or PC, you might be interested to hear that series developer Bugbear Entertainment has a new car game on the way. After a successful Early Access period on Steam, the Finnish company are bringing Wreckfest to Xbox One.

Blending the over-the-top recklessness of FlatOut with the carnage of classic demolition derby titles like Destruction Derby, Bugbear are hoping to get back to their roots and give gamers a frenetic and fun driving experience. It'll include online racing and vehicle upgrades, too. Here's a few shots from the Steam version of the game.

According to their website, where you can pre-order the title, the plan is to release Wreckfest in Xbox Preview first. The eagle-eyed among you may notice the small print, explaining that this isn't set in stone. It suggests that there are still some hoops for Bugbear to jump through in order to get on Microsoft's early access programme. Regardless of when it actually releases, pre-orders can earn a variety of bonuses depending on which tier you select.

Bugbear also announced development on Stuntfest. Details of this follow-up game are extremely thin on the ground, including whether console releases are on the table. We can probably take a decent stab at the premise from the title though, right?

There's no release schedule for Wreckfest as yet, but we will keep you posted as further news arrives.

We've got the full list of Wreckfest achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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