ARK: Survival Evolved – Scorched Earth Expansion Pack Available Now

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
ARK: Survival Evolved has been in Game Preview for the best part of a year, and though that status is still yet to change, we have another giant update in the form of purchasable DLC. This is the biggest one yet: Scorched Earth.

As if your poor player-character hadn't had enough, he or she now needs to survive in a harsh sandy wasteland, with its extreme heat, lack of water, and giant wyverns... the three major obstacles of any major desert expedition. (I'm guessing here. I haven't been in many deserts.)

At least there are some benefits to trekking out into Scorched Earth. The new tools and items you manage to craft there can be brought back to the base game, and of course there's always the chance that you'll be able to tame and ride one of those giant wyverns yourself.

As if that wasn't enough, attendees at PAX West this weekend can not only play the game, but if they really feel like it they can clamber on board a 16ft replica wyvern Studio Wildcard are apparently taking along with them. Who takes that thing home at the end of the day, I wonder?

Before you start tackling dangerous desert denizens yourself, consider having a look at these dossiers, showcasing some of the monsters you may meet and defeat:

The expansion is available now for Xbox One, for US$19.99 / £15.99 / €19.99 / AU$26.95.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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