Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition Arrives This Week

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Fancy a game of chess? Many do, but not often does one come across a friend who shares this particular hobby. Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition fills that niche by pairing up chess fanatics worldwide. Already a phenomenon on several PlayStation, Nintendo and mobile devices, Pure Chess will welcome Xbox One and Steam players to its community of more than 2.5 million players when those two versions launch this week.

The Grandmaster Edition adds some additional goodies like exclusive chess sets and pieces, expanded tutorials for both new and experienced players, online play with an Elo ranking system, and over 100 chess puzzles to complete. If you'd like to see how the game plays, in the video below, the developers play through a game with a little help from Twitch chat.

Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition will be available on Xbox One this Friday, September 9th for US$12.99 / £9.99 / €12.99.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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