Rock Band 4 Rivals Mode Previewed

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
2015's Rock Band 4 hopes to rock into autumn with its new expansion pack. Our first glimpse of the upcoming "Rock Band Rivals" showcased new hardware and retail releases, adapters for Xbox 360 instruments and more. We also got a peek at the Rockudrama feature, where players will get to jam through their own rockumentary. Now Harmonix is showing off "Rivals'" namesake, Rivals mode.

As shown in the video above, Rivals mode is where Rock Band gets social. Players can join a crew with up to 10 members to complete challenges and top the weekly leaderboards. There are going to be a variety of new elements at play here, including the following:

  • Rivals Hub: This is your go-to spot for the latest information about your Crew.
  • Weekly Challenges: These are timed events made up of two distinct gameplay elements – Weekly Challenge Songs and Spotlight Songs.
  • Weekly Challenge Songs: Songs noted with a “W” in your Song Library are eligible for the Weekly Challenge. Playing these songs will earn you Crew XP. Your Total Crew XP is then compared against every other Crew in your Tier.
  • Spotlight Songs: There are three songs each week that are designated as Spotlight Songs (noted with a spotlight symbol in your Song Library). You’ll need to earn high scores on each instrument for these tracks.
  • Rivals Points: The average of your total Spotlight score percentile and total Crew XP percentile. Rivals Points is what determines your promotion/demotion into different Tiers.
  • Tiers: Tiers show you where your Crew is currently placed in the worldwide rankings. Depending on how you stack up relative to all the other Crews within your Tier on Total Crew XP and Total Spotlight Score, you will get promoted to a higher Tier, stay in your current Tier, or be demoted to a lower Tier.
  • Skill: The Skill stat quantifies how skilled you are on an instrument based on your best scores on every song you've played. The Skill stat ranges from 0 to 1000.
  • Experience Points (XP): You'll earn XP for every song you play in Rock Band. Your star performance and difficulty level determine the amount of XP you earn per song, and contribute to your Crew’s total XP score.
Every crew will start at the bottom in the Bronze tier and have the opportunity to work their way up to the sought-after Bloodstone tier. To track your clan's progress on the go, Rock Band 4 will be getting a companion app for iOS and Android, which should make it simple and convenient to harass your clanmates about their lackluster performances via your mobile device. Like some of the other features we've seen recently, Rivals mode will only be available to owners of the "Rock Band Rivals" pack.

The "Rock Band Rivals" expansion will be available on October 18th for US$29.99. Pre-ordering the expansion, which you can already do via the Xbox Marketplace, will get you ten bonus tracks, which can be viewed here. If you're a new player who wants to purchase the whole shebang, there are a variety of bundles that include instruments, the base game Rock Band 4 and the "Rivals" expansion, which you can check out here.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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