HITMAN's Colorado Episode Dated and Detailed

By Kelly Packard, 10 months ago
Agent 47's fans would follow him anywhere. For Episode Five (six if you include the Summer Bonus Episode), HITMAN's globetrotting assassin won't be too far from home for his North American fan base. Hopefully altitude sickness doesn't bother 47, because he's headed to Colorado, USA, home of the Mile-High City.

47 has a complex mission — he must infiltrate a Colorado farm that's being used with the much more sinister purpose of being a private militia training camp. Instead of one target, there are four: Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg and Penelope Graves. Each assassination will prove itself unique and pose different challenges than the others. Think of it as a test of all the skills you've learned thus far.

Like the other episodes, you can expect new challenges, weapons and gear, disguises and more. The developers, IO-Interactive, promise that there are "huge story revelations" in Colorado as we approach the end of the season.

Agent 47 will touch down in "Episode Five: Colorado" on September 27th. "Episode Six: Japan" is still scheduled for launch later this year.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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