Tokyo 42 Revealed for Xbox One

By Damien Knox, 1 year ago
Developer Mode 7 has announced their upcoming title Tokyo 42 will be released to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Described by the developer as the lovechild of the original Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto 1, this isometric adventure takes place in a future Tokyo and is planned to have a large open world single player mode with story and side-quest elements. It is also planned to have a competitive arena-based multiplayer portion as well.

Your character is brought into the world of assassins and will receive mission objectives from terminals throughout the world. Completing these will not only increase your funds, but also your reputation in the underworld. You will have a range of weapons at your disposal as you discover new parts of the world as you play.

The game will have stealth and action elements involving you infiltrating strongholds, leaping from buildings, all the way to perform enemy sniping in mid air. You will adopt different skins to allow you to blend into the various groups you will come across in the game.

Skin swapping will also be a factor in multiplayer as well. Blend into the crowd so your opponents can't distinguish you. But don't blow your cover though, or it could mean instant death if your opponents discover you.


Below is the announcement video that Mode 7 released showing in more detail the open world and layout of the game.

Tokyo 42 is set to be released currently sometime in 2017.
Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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