Gaming Personalities Talk BATMAN – The Telltale Series

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Telltale is promoting their most recent release, BATMAN – The Telltale Series, with a talk show called "Unmasked." On the show, they call upon different gaming personalities to discuss the game itself. This episode, which is the second of the series, runs about 50 minutes long, but is worth a watch if you're digging the game so far or are just a fan of the Batman universe in general.

The host,'s Greg Miller, is joined by Brandon Jones from Easy Allies, Laura Bailey, who is the voice actress of Catwoman, and BATMAN – The Telltale Series writer Zack Keller.

Just a word of caution, the discussion does assume that you've played through Episode One. The guests talk about everything Batman-related, like how different characters are portrayed, how you have the option to be the Batman you want to be instead of just the good-guy Batman who doesn't kill anyone, how this portrayal of Batman differs from past well-known versions, the dynamics of certain character relationships and more. A hot topic was the presentation of known villains like Harvey Dent and Oswald Cobblepot, who are portrayed as almost friends of Bruce in the Telltale adaptation. As Batman, you're also not quite sure what everyone knows about you, or what you know about them, which makes you stop and think at certain dialogue options.

Keller, a writer on the game, also says that this is the most in-depth Telltale game yet as far as making decisions goes. In his words, they've "doubled up" on it, and you might actually feel like you have an impact this time around.

BATMAN Episode 2

According to Bailey, the voice actors are already recording their lines for Episode Three, so Telltale clearly has an idea of where they'd like to take the series.

"Episode One: Realm of Shadows" is already available on Xbox One. "Episode Two: Children of Arkham" is scheduled for launch on September 20th. The Xbox 360 version is yet to be dated, but according to Telltale, we should hear more details this month.
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