Bioshock: The Collection - New Imagining Bioshock Trailers

By Luc1d, 10 months ago
With the release of Bioshock: The Collection just days away, 2K has released two new trailers for accompanying director's commentary series Imagining Bioshock.

The trailer for Episode Eight of Imagining Bioshock focuses on the sadistic artistry of Sander Cohen, whose cracked creativity has furnished Fort Frolic with a series of plaster-coated corpses.

In the Episode Nine trailer Ken Levine discusses the "diabolical economic pact" that players make when harvesting Little Sisters to sate their hunger for ADAM.

Full episodes of Imagining Bioshock can be unlocked by finding golden reels while playing through BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite. Bioshock: The Collection is remastered in 1080p and includes all single player DLC for the Series.


Bioshock: The Collection launches on Xbox One on September 13th in the USA, then September 15th in Australia and September 16th worldwide.
Written by Luc1d
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