Multi-Genre System Voting Update

By Jack Watling, 1 year ago
After a couple of months of your hard work we've pretty much hit the end of the initial genre voting periods - which is absolutely amazing!

The frequency of voting per game was great to start with, but did taper off. Obviously, the more votes we have for a game the better the classification will ultimately be. Therefore we've re-opened a number of games for a second round of voting - this will last two weeks.

If you've played one of the games, have earned at least one achievement, and haven't already voted on the genres, then we'll drop you an auto PM to let you know if there's something you can vote on - or you can click the link below.

Multi-Genre System - Re-Opened Voting

Two weeks is a pretty short period, so please make the most of it - and lastly, thanks again to everyone that's been voting throughout the process, it's been fantastic to see so many community members getting involved.
Jack Watling
Written by Jack Watling
Jack is the TrueAchievements Game Information Manager and has been a Newshound since 2015. Outside of TA he's a full-time developer for the TrueGaming Network (TA, TT, GC, ...) with a passion for... computer games and programming!