CDF Starfighter Releases Two New Videos

By Damien Knox, 1 year ago
Developer MAG Studios' upcoming title CDF Starfighter has released two new videos. While the title is set to be released to consoles later this year, it is currently on Steam Early Access.

CDF Starfighter is a space combact simulator that takes its inspiration from 90's titles like Wing Commander. The title was originally built to utilize VR from the ground up. There will be five single player game modes and it will have intuitive controls, making it easy to pick up and play. It is also mentioned that there will be six different ships as well to use in space combat.

Screenshot 25

The two videos, one for their early access and the other their Greenlight trailer, go on to show examples of the huge environment in which the game takes place. The Steam Greenlight trailer is below.

This is the early access trailer for CDF Starfighter with some different footage from the game.

CDF Starfighter is still set to be released in late 2016.
Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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