Axiom Verge Dated for This Month

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Axiom Verge, the smash-hit, retro-inspired Metroidvania (Retroidvania?) title from PC, PS4 and WiiU, will finally be launching on Xbox One at the end of this month. Its sole developer, Tom Happ, calls it "a certain irony" that Xbox One will be the last console to receive the game reviewers called a "love letter" to classic games like Super Metroid:

There’s a certain irony that Xbox One is the last console to get Axiom Verge. When I started development almost 7 years ago, Xbox 360 (in particular, the Xbox Live Indie Games service) was my target platform. Like many indie developers, I vastly underestimated the scope of what the game would eventually become and the time needed to achieve my full vision, and by the time I was ready to launch, the development framework I was using (XNA) was no longer compatible with Xbox’s latest system.
Giant scorpion thingies with guns! My only weakness!Giant scorpion thingies with guns! My only weakness!

Happ credits Microsoft's eventual move to add support for games created with MonoGame software as instrumental in making an Xbox One port possible. According to Happ, Axiom Verge is also being used as a "guinea pig" to make the porting of other MonoGame games more seamless in the future.

Axiom Verge will be available on Friday, September 30th through the ID@Xbox program. The regular price will be US$19.99 and it will be receiving a 10% launch discount through October 10th.

I'd also like to give Mr. Happ props for the title of the blog post in which he revealed Axiom's release date — "Achievement Unlocked!".
Kelly Packard
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