Warframe: The Silver Grove Trailers and Screens

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
The latest update for free co-op shooter Warframe adds the Titania warframe, customisation options and user-generated content in addition to some general improvements.

"The Silver Grove" update brings a new quest that takes players deep into the forest to acquire the new Titania warframe. Titania's abilities include overwhelming enemies with swarms of razor-winged butterflies, using shiny lures for distraction and morphing into a tiny yet lethal flying fairy.

"The Silver Grove" update for Warframe introduces TennoGen, a range of user-generated content including helmets, armour and skins - to consoles for the first time. According to Rebecca Ford, Live Operations and Community Producer at Digital Extremes:
There is an enormous amount of talent within our Warframe Community. Working alongside Steam, we launched our user-generated content program, TennoGen, nearly a year ago and it has been a huge success in highlighting the role and talent of our Community Creators, while also providing them a viable revenue stream for their work...Without a similar player-generated content system available on consoles, it took some time to figure out how to offer TennoGen content that is fair to both the Creators and players. We think we've hit the mark and are offering a curated list of items with The Silver Grove update.
Warframe Silver Grove 1

Additional changes coming to Warframe in "The Silver Grove" update include:
  • Simplified Fusion system allows conversion of unwanted Mods to Endo which can then be used for Mod upgrades with a clearer upgrade UI.
  • New Glyph system with a variety of designs to leave on the battlefield along with a trail of corpses.
  • New customisations including The Silver Grove Bundle, Tekelu Skin Pack, Nova Asuri Collection and two new Landing Craft skins.
  • Lunaro improvements including a Steel Meridian-themed map, dedicated "pass" button, ability to guard while holding the Lunaro and improved matchmaking.

"The Silver Grove" update for Warframe is out now on Xbox One.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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