Party Up This Weekend for 2x the Rewards in SMITE

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
There's always something to strive for in SMITE. Whether it's moving up to the next division in ranked, grinding a character to Diamond status or cleaning up a few odd masteries, fans of the game always have something to work toward. This weekend, there are double rewards on offer for players in a party of two or more.

Party Up Weekend

Like Party Up Weekends of the past, you'll receive double worshipers and favor when playing in a group, as well as double experience if you're not maxed out yet. If you're looking for like-minded players to help you reap the double bonuses, check out the SMITE forums or try your hand in the comments below.

The Party Up Weekend officially goes live Friday, September 16th at 5 a.m. EDT and ends Monday, September 19th at 5 a.m. EDT. To brush up on your SMITE knowledge, review the latest patch notes here and prepare yourself for a substantial patch arriving in the coming weeks that will add a special edition PVE mode, the return of the Odyssey and more.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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