The Odyssey Returns in SMITE Patch 3.17

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Hopefully you enjoyed SMITE's latest patch from just 10 days ago, because it's already time to move onto something new. Next week's patch 3.17 will bring the return of The Odyssey, a special PvE mode in the form of Xing Tian's Mountain, new achievements, new skins, the usual balance adjustments and more.

Odyssey Logo

For all the details on The Odyssey, be sure to look through the official page here. It's an event where players earn points through purchasing cosmetics released as a part of the event, but this year thrifty gamers can also earn Odyssey points through completing quests exclusive to The Odyssey. Similar to the Season Ticket, once you bag enough points, you'll become eligible for rewards along the way. You're only allowed to start one quest per day and the quests do not activate on their own (since you can select which one you'd like to complete), so when the patch goes live, make sure to head over to the new Odyssey tab and start one up.

Xing Tian's Mountain

Another big addition of this patch is the new PvE mode, Xing Tian's Mountain. In this mode, teams of five will compete against increasingly difficult boss waves, such as a Geb who keeps splitting into more and more tinier Gebs, a Ra with an unlimited cooldown on his ultimate ability and a giant-sized Arachne. Being familiar with each wave and picking gods who can handle each boss wave efficiently are the keys to victory. There will also be an in-game leaderboard so you can see how you stack up against your friends. You can also earn a free Odyssey Chest just for passing wave five and an exclusive icon for wave 25, so it's worth your time to at least try once.

There are several new skins: Foxy Amaterasu and Samur.AI Susano can be directly purchased, Old Wa Nu Wa (console players never got to experience her firsthand, but the skin is a re-imagining of what Nu Wa looked like before her remodel) is the 10,500 point Odyssey collection reward, Meltdown Sol, who can only be obtained through the big Odyssey chest, and last but not least, Terra will finally have her mastery skins.

There will be six new achievements for you to earn. Geb and He Bo are having achievements added as well as the latest god, Izanami:

I’ll Protect You
As Geb, cleanse a teammate using Stone Shield on an ally that is below 20% Health.

As Geb, hit three or more enemy gods with Cataclysm.

So Steady
As He Bo, have full stacks on Steady Flow for over 30 seconds.

Killer Wave
As He Bo, kill three or more enemy gods with a single Crushing Wave.

Where You Going?
As Izanami, max out Summon Demons by getting a kill or assist on 2 enemies whey they are slowed by it.

Death’s Call
As Izanami, kill an enemy God while at or below 25% Health.
If you'd like to take a look at the balance adjustments, you can view the full patch notes on the official website here. The only question left to answer is, of course, when can you experience all of the above? Patch 3.17 is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, September 20th. In the meantime, you can still enjoy double worshipers, experience and favor through the Party Up Weekend until Sunday.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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