For Honor Stream and Multiple Videos Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
A Closed Alpha took place over the weekend (it may still be in progress at the time of writing) as a small group of players got the chance to get hands-on with Ubisoft's upcoming hack & slash For Honor. In preparation for the Alpha, Ubi streamed just over two hours of content from the game and revealed details of the Alpha. More importantly now, they also detailed the characters, maps, customization, game modes and more from the game which if you didn't get to check out before the Alpha, you can catch up on right now:

For Honor 9

In the first of the three character videos released, The Orochi slices in first as an Imperial assassin of the Samurai. The Orochi are very stealthy and navigate around the battlefield almost unseen causing issues for those unfortunate enough to be in their path. Only rocking light armour, the Orochi specialise in the arts of stealth and deception and wield a katana to make short work of their enemies. These deadly assassins use the darker side of the samurais ways and deal death with the likes of throwing knives and poison blades:

Next up, meet the Conquerors. These guys are "ex-prisoners and conscripts who have risen to the rank of an elite soldier". Unlike the Orochi, the Conquerors come with a more defensive fighting style and move slower thanks to their heavy armour. Using a "massive flailing motion" in fights, enemies will find their stamina being slowly worked on until they can't take anymore.

Lastly, we have the Berserkers. True to their name, these Vikings wield dual axes and cause plenty of chaos. The Berserkers are relentless in their attack and can destroy enemies rapidly before they even have chance to set up their defense. One possible weakness of a Berserker however could be their lack of care for their own defense as they focus fully on their enemy.

Ubisoft went further into the ways of the Samurai in this video from the Tokyo Game Show 2016.

To finish up, find out what makes a 1v1 duel a thrilling an intense experience in this last video as creative director, Jason Vandenberghe talks about what the Alpha had to offer, and what will be on offer when the game releases:

For Honor remains set for a February 14th release on the Xbox One.
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