Ultimate Head To Head 2 - Final Few Days To Register

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
Two weeks ago we announced The Ultimate Head To Head Contest 2 - the second iteration of the event run earlier in the year that proved so popular with TrueAchievements members.

Registration Closes Soon!

Registration for the event will be closing soon, so if you want to play you need to make sure you get your game collection in order (set any games you don't have any more to "No longer own" to avoid them being picked in your matches).

Once you've done that, head over to the Registration page to check you have enough locked achievements to get into the contest. If you don't, you need to add anything you've bought but not played yet to your Game Collection. The easiest place to do this is probably The Full Games List where you can quickly search and click the GC button on the right to add the title to your collection.

Contest Hub

You can find all the information about the contest, including all the pairings, the daily featured match-ups, and the group stage leaderboard on the UHH2 Contest Hub.

Start Day Poll

After receiving some feedback on the first contest, we decided to conduct a poll as to whether to shift the start day of each period to a Friday or leave it as a Monday. Monday won the poll, so that will be remain the start day of each period. The first period starts in exactly a week, on Monday 26th September. Competitors will be PM'd their achievement list and opponent details at the start of the period.

Slight Rule Modification

We've added a rule that requires you to maintain at least 1,500 valid locked achievements throughout your participation in the contest. The full rules and schedule can be found here.

Questions and Discussion

Please post any questions you have about the contest in this thread.

We'd love to break through 2,000 registrations for this event, so please tell your friends about it and get them to sign up smile

Good luck everyone!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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