Microsoft XBL Christmas Deals [Day 1]

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago

The first Deals of the Day have been revealed. Today we have discounts on Red Dead Redemption DLC, a discounted film for purchase only, and a free avatar item. The links to the relevant section of the marketplace are included in the titles:

Game Add-ons

Red Dead Redemption
Liars and Cheats Pack - 400 MSP
Legends and Killers Pack - 400 MSP
Undead Nightmare Pack - 600 MSP
Undead Nightmare Collection - 1200 MSP

Avatar Clothing

Holiday Collection 2011 Glasses - FREE

Films - these vary between regions

"The Italian Job" - 760 MSP (UK purchase only)
"Layer Cake" - 400 MSP (US purchase)
"Charlie Wilson's War" - 690 MSP (Canada purchase)

There is also a free Countdown to 2011 theme available from the dashboard.

Original Story:

Major Nelson has announced some of the Xbox Live Marketplace deals that will run during the countdown to the New Year. During the period of December 21st to December 31st, there will be a new marketplace deal every day in a similar fashion to the sale that ran at the same time last year. These deals are being kept a secret for now (booo!).

However, in addition to the daily deals, there will be an additional ten items on sale. These items will be on sale for the entire duration of the 11 days. Here is the full list:

Borderlands "Claptrap's New Robot Revolution" DLC - 400 MSP
After Burner Climax - 400 MSP
Banjo-Tooie - 600 MSP
Carcassonne - 400 MSP
Castle Crashers - 600 MSP
Comic Jumper - 800 MSP
RISK: Factions - 400 MSP
Super Meat Boy - 800 MSP
The UnderGarden - 400 MSP
Toy Soldiers - 800 MSP

Here is a link to the Games Marketplace for you.
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