Firewatch Achievement List

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
It's the rise of the walking simulators on Xbox One. We already have an achievement list for Dear Esther, a highly-praised example of the genre that has gotten an Xbox edition. A day later sees the release of the equally critically acclaimed Firewatch. Since its release on PlayStation 4, the game has been sitting around the 4 out of 5 mark on our sister site, TrueTrophies and has been lauded for its excellent storytelling, script and voice acting... although the ending is apparently dividing audiences.


Set in 1989, Firewatch will see protagonist Henry stationed at a lookout tower in the forests of Wyoming, alert for any signs of smoke that might lead to a devastating fire. Of course, things aren't so simple and Henry will have to leave his post to track down missing teenagers, investigate strange occurrences, and reflect on his personal demons. His only contact is his supervisor, Delilah, a voice on his radio. The announcement trailer gave us a flavour of the tone and art style, but what achievements await on our curious path through the woods? Check out the list below.

There are 5 non secret achievements:
  • Love Turts - Adopt a turtle. (100 GS)
  • Shutter Bug - Fill a disposable camera with photos. (100 GS)
  • The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter - Have a hands-on encounter with the local wildlife. (100 GS)
  • Bee Plot - Find a bee. (100 GS)
  • Ol' Shoshone - Find and hear the recording of the song "Ol' Shoshone." (100 GS)
There are 5 secret achievements:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

For full details about the title visit the Firewatch page.
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