Neverwinter's Storm King's Thunder Update Dated for October

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
Following on the heels of the latest Wizards of the Coast expansion for the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop game, Neverwinter will be receiving a frost-giant-sized update in the form of "Storm King's Thunder."

We were originally introduced to this expansion with its announcement more than three months ago. As promised, "Storm King's Thunder" will add brand new features and content including three adventure zones, a campaign following the story of Catti-brie and Wulfgar from the popular R.A. Salvatore novels, an additional dungeon in its own tier, the Ostorian relics system and balance changes to several classes.


The three new adventure zones and Ostorian relics system are described in more detail below:

You’ll travel back to Icewind Dale where a massive blizzard envelops the once bustling town of Bryn Shander. Your quests there will then bring you to the picturesque town of Lonelywood, which is surrounded by a beautiful yet haunting forest. Finally, head to Cold Run where the frost giants first embarked from their ships. Each of these adventure zones holds their own secrets and are ripe with Ostorian relics, a new system that has you searching for ancient items in order to power up your gear.
Players looking to test their skills should plan to head over to the new Fangbreaker Island dungeon, which is in a difficulty tier of its own. It boasts a required item level of 3100 and will set adventurers against "three of the most challenging bosses in Neverwinter history": Hati the Manticore, the Dragon Turtle and the frost giant Drufi.


Three of the classes receiving balance adjustments have already been announced on the official Neverwinter site. Prepare for a huge wall of text for each one; these aren't light changes:
Last but not least, nothing was mentioned about more achievements, but past expansions like "The Maze Engine" and "Underdark" did add a slew of new gamerscore. A small title update that went live today also added two achievements.

"Storm King's Thunder" will be available for Neverwinter on October 18th.
Kelly Packard
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