New Bodycount Trailer

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Codemasters have released a new trailer for their chaotic shooter Bodycount. The trailer shows The Psycho Tank sitting minding his own business, when The Target show up to disturb the peace.

The official Bodycount channel on Youtube gives you a short description of the new enemy:

Operating in the shadow of war, the mysterious Target organisation are unrelenting in their skill, scale and ambition. Ruthlessly pursuing a clandestine agenda of global domination, The Target are equipped with hugely advanced tech and weaponry and will obliterate anything and anyone who stands in their way.
Here's the trailer:

In case you are watching at work, Codemasters also released a brief description of the trailer:

In the video The Psycho Tank, a militia class enemy boss, is recovering from battle when a sinister, monolithic building bursts from the earth, destroying everything in its path as it plunges towards the sky. The Psycho Tank unleashes a hail of bullets from his powerful mini-gun into The Target building to no effect. From the shining white entrance, a Target Trooper emerges, clinically assassinating the Psycho Tank with a single shot. A new enemy is born. And only you can stop them....
Bodycount is due to be released in Summer 2011.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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