TA@EGX 2016: Merge Games Reveals Two More Titles

By Rebecca Smith, 1 year ago
One of the things that I love about EGX is routing out the indie games that are coming to consoles, especially the ones that we didn't know about. Publisher Merge Games never fails to disappoint on this front. As well as bringing the previously announced Sublevel Zero Redux for players to try out in preparation for its December release, they brought along two other titles that are also due to be appearing on the Xbox One. One of those is going to be appearing very soon.


HoPiKo features a world where gaming has been ended by the evil Nanobyte virus. Over the course of 100 levels, each split into five sections, players must save the HoPiKos from imoending doom. The game is described as "an intense speed-run platformer" by developer Laser Dog, but in reality it is more like an intense puzzle game. While players do travel from platform to platform, they don't do this by jumping. Instead the player uses just cn_RS to aim at a nearby safe platform. When the stick is let go, the HoPiKo character is propelled in that direction. Get it wrong and you'll be fried by laser or impaled on spikes. The catch is that you only have a few seconds to make a decision, otherwise the character self-detonates and players are sent back to the start of the entire level to start again.

Prepare to give your thumb an intense workout when the game is released on October 5th.


This title will take a bit longer to port to consoles because it is extremely keyboard oriented right now. However, next year this rather literal point and click title will be appearing on Xbox One. Players take control of the desktop computer of the game's protagonist, a newly recruited MI7 agent. The new Blu Pill Act, which allows all personal online data to be available to "the powers that be", allows the agent to gather evidence on suspected criminals by hacking their computers and mobile phones. You need to gather enough evidence to not only secure their arrest, but also to ensure that the court hands down a sufficient sentence.

Player judgement is key here. There are over 500 criminals in your jurisdiction to investigate and you don't have time for them all. You'll also need to make up your own minds on the speed of the investigation. Act too quickly and you risk the chance of missing leads that will link the crimes to higher profile criminals; act to slowly and you could be detected yourself.

This game will be taking a little longer to reach consoles, but keep an eye out for it next summer.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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