Astroneer Comes to Xbox Game Preview This December

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
If you, and ideally a few friends, are intrigued by what the wonders of space have to offer, the newly announced Astroneer looks to be an ideal title to check out from System Era Softworks. Gamers will explore space with fellow adventurers on the hunt for fortune and adventure. As an Astroneer, players will need to use the tools in their inventory to build bases, discover resources and also find exotic and mysterious artifacts.

Astroneer is a game about exploration and creativity. The worlds in Astroneer are diverse, each combining careful artistry and procedural generation to create unique and beautiful experiences. Yet, each world can be reshaped by your tools. The entire volume of the world can be dug, sculpted, or added to at your whim. Every cubic inch of every world is accessible to you. Excavate vast underground tunnels or create megaliths on the surface; the world is your Play-Doh.
Take a look at this set of screens to see how some of the different areas look, as well as the potential for for some of the things players will be able to create and do:

Co-op will be the best way to enjoy the title and can be done so online with up to four players. Take a look at the game in action in an old pre-alpha video, and then see how the game's shaping up to be for its Xbox and Windows release with the second video from just a few days ago:

Astroneer will be available via the Game Preview program on Xbox One and Windows 10 in December.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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