Forza Horizon to be Delisted

By Kelly Packard,
Remember that Forza Horizon game we got free last month, the one that's had its DLC perpetually on sale for the last several weeks? It turns out there's a reason for all that — the original Forza Horizon will be delisted shortly, the Forza team announced in a news post.

Forza Horizon

The team is kindly calling the process "reaching End of Life status" and states that "the game and its associated DLC will no longer be available for purchase." Which means one thing: if you're a collector, or an achievement hunter, get the base game and any DLC you want ASAP. As is always the case with a delisting, players who own the selected content will still be able to download and access it after the "end of life" date.

The official delisting date for Forza Horizon and its DLC (which includes the "Rally Expansion" as well as assorted car packs that help with obtaining achievements in the free "1,000 Club Expansion Pack") is October 20th. You can view the full list of DLC on the store page here.

We've got the full list of Forza Horizon achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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