Watch_Dogs 2 Details Why It's Much Better Than The Original

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
The original Watch_Dogs was met with respectable ratings and reviews from gamers who checked out the hacking-filled city of Chicago with protagonist Aiden Pierce. Some would say that the game didn't live up to its to hype and wasn't like what was seen from the title leading up to its release. Watch_Dogs 2 is leading up to its release in a big way also with a lot of hype and promise of improved gameplay, brighter and bolder visuals, and hopefully a main character who's a little bit happier.

In the first of three new videos released, Ubisoft details why the second instalment in the series is "bigger, better, and bolder than the original":

The story of Watch_Dogs 2 follows Marcus Holloway as he teams up with the DedSec hacker collective to take on several corrupt corporations of the city. Ubisoft goes into more detail in the second video:

The hacker squad you'll become very familiar with welcomes you to their group in the third video:

Lastly, a fresh set of screens have been released (courtesy of Gematsu) showcasing the hacker group Marcus will be mingling with:

Watch_Dogs 2 will release on the Xbox One on November 15th.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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