The Surge Details CREO's Modular Exo-armor In Three New Screens

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Three screens have been released for The Surge, Deck13's upcoming sci-fi action title. The screens reveal the industrial armor sets the internation corporation known as CREO will be using. First up is the Liquidator, with armor offering protection from all kinds of elements.

The LiquidatorThe Liquidator

The LIQUIDATOR is fitted with industrial attachments for use in areas prone to hazardous material spillage. Built around the slogan "quality protective gear for the safest workplace", the Liquidator offers super-human resistance to radiation, fire, and toxic spills, with mobility aided by the exo-skeleton.
The second screen showcases the Proteus and its medium physical protection armor set which will be able to help keep your health in check with its health regeneration feature.


An experimental set equipping certain of CREO's security personnel, the PROTEUS is an advanced and light-weight armor granting a small health regeneration effect. It also only needs medium core power cost allowing for a little extra juice for implants.
Lastly, we have a mix of the armor sets with the bulk of the armour being Lynx, mixed with elements of MG Gorgon and Black Cerberus.

Lynx, mixed with MG Gorgon and Black CerbeusLynx, mixed with MG Gorgon and Black Cerbeus

LYNX was developed for workers requiring speed, flexibility, and precision. Far from standard issue, few CREO workers would benefit from its inherent advancements in hydraulics. It features low core power cost, but this comes at the cost of physical and elemental protection against radiation and other environmental hazards. We also see elements of MG GORGON and BLACK CERBERUS armors, designed for heavy security and riot control actions.
The potential to mix, match and use different items and objects in the game is huge as each item will serve a purpose for CREO. With the items purpose "often originally separate to combat", industrial, manufacturing, hazardous materials, and more items of similar nature can be cut off and equipped. This makes for "thousands of combinations" for players to use with the items salvaged from battles.

The Surge remains set to release at some point in 2017.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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