Beyond Good and Evil Creator Teases...Something

By Andy Mills,
Fans of Beyond Good and Evil are a patient bunch. For eight years now, a sequel to the cult classic has been teased at multiple stages with nothing never quite happening. Well, prepare yourself for some more teasing as creator Michel Ancel has released a couple of images hinting at something to do with the series, with Ubisoft France tweeting to pay close attention to Ancel's Instagram account, where these images have emerged.

Beyond Good and Evil teaserCould this be Jade's dad with baby Pey'j, potentially meaning a prequel of some sort?

Beyond Good and Evil teaserAnd this looks like it could be either Rufus or Francis, the sharks seen at Bar Akuda

In addition to that, the Instagram posts are captioned with "Somewhere in system 4 ...
-- Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !" — with "System 4" the name of the fictional region in space where Beyond Good and Evil took place — and ""Ready for the fight " independence #ubisoft day" alluding to Ubisoft's shareholder meeting today where Vivendi — who have been attempting a somewhat hostile takeover of Ubisoft for some time now — may be attempting to get a seat on Ubisoft's board of directors.

So is this finally Beyond Good and Evil 2? And will it be prequel or a sequel? Will it even be made if Ubisoft are taken over? Find out next time on Hopefully, we find out sooner rather than later. In the meantime, if you picked up Beyond Good and Evil HD back in August as part of that month's Games With Gold, we recommend you check it out to find out just what all the fuss is about.
Andy Mills
Written by Andy Mills
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