TrueAchievements Viral Event 2016

By Chad and Jessie, 1 year ago
Hello fellow TA’ers,

Prepare to have your minds blown! This October we'll be bringing not just one but TWO events to the TA community: Viral Event and Zombie Event. That’s right -- spreading those lovely viral achievements is back for the first two weeks of October, followed by a new zombie event that we will be detailing over the next few weeks.

Viral Event 2016

First things first, though: Viral Event. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, here’s how it works. We’re looking for hosts who are willing and able to pass along their Viral achievements to other TA community members. Sharing is caring, so if you have a Viral achievement then we’ll need your help!

Of course, this event includes the genuine viral achievements, such as Red Dead Rockstar in Red Dead Redemption. In addition to these, we have again stretched our definition of viral for this event to include those ‘sharing’ achievements – ones that can be unlocked just for joining the game of a ‘host’ who has a save at the right point, such as many of the achievements in Fable II. You can see all of the achievements that are included in this event (and the ones for which we need hosts) by checking the full achievement list here.

If you have a Viral achievement that you would like to share with your fellow gamers, you can head over to the registration page to sign up as a host. Sessions are typically set for 30 minutes. You set your maximum number of sessions per day and week, and you can adjust your availability at any time by altering and saving the info on the registration page.

Viral Event starts on October 3rd and runs all day, every day until October 16th. Clear your schedules, add your missing virals to your boost request list, and join the Community Event Sessions to earn those elusive viral achievements.