Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Details Revealed

By Eddie Ruckus, 8 years ago
Looking for more locales to show off your FPS skills and pwn some noobs? You're in luck, as on Major Nelson's podcast, Treyarch producer Dan Bunting revealed details on the first map pack for the popular shooter

Entitled "First Strike", this DLC promises four new multiplayer maps, in addition to a new map for all the zombie lovers out there. Although details on the new zombie map (named Ascension) are classified, Bunting did share some details about four multiplayer maps. Berlin Wall takes place at the historic Checkpoint Charlie in between East and West Berlin. Discovery will take place at an abandoned research facility in the antarctic. Kowloon is taken from the single player campaign, and will feature rainy rooftops. Rounding out the bunch is Stadium, a hockey rink battlefield somewhere in the northeastern United States. Bunting also mentioned that all the maps will feature scripted events and elements, such as the rocket launching on Launch or the cargo doors on Radiation.

Here are some screenshots for three of the new maps:

Berlin Wall
External image

External image

External image

To listen to the podcast, check out the external link at the end of the piece. The First Strike map pack will be available on February 1st for 1200 MSP.
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