The Odyssey Continues in SMITE's Rising Flames Patch

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
SMITE patches are as regular as Chronos' ever-ticking clock. Hot on the heels of "The Odyssey" update, the "Rising Flames" patch will continue the epic adventure its predecessor started, as well as bring bug fixes, Ne Zha's first skin since 2013, balance changes (R.I.P. tank boots), six new achievements and more. Check out the overview in the video below or read through the detailed notes here.

Though the patch isn't offering up any new gods or goddesses, players can now move onto the Chinese questline of The Odyssey to keep racking up points toward rewards like a free Odyssey Chest and the Old Wa Nu Wa skin. Xing Tian's Mountain hasn't gone anywhere and can continue to be enjoyed.

There are two new Odyssey skins: the Pokemon-inspired Monster Trainer Erlang Shen and Clockwork Knight Ao Kuang. Both Odyssey skins come at the 500 gem price point. Also added is Fire Lord Ne Zha, which is Ne Zha's first new skin since 2013, at the 400 gem price point. Ao Kuang has also had his mastery cards updated.

The achievements will be as follows:

Two’s A Crowd
As Ne Zha, bounce Universe Ring Toss between two enemy gods, hitting each at least twice.

Watch This
As Ne Zha, stun an enemy using Armilary Sash and then ult them.

As Chronos, use your Ultimate while you’re below 15% Health and return back to full Health.

The Hands of Time
As Chronos, get a kill with each quadrant in your passive, Wheel of Time.

Feel My Wrath
As Sylvanus, knock up three or more enemy gods with your Ultimate.

As Sylvanus, root twenty enemy gods in a single game.
The patch is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, October 4th. In the meantime, players can continue to earn double worshipers, experience and favor in the Double Everything Weekend that ends early Monday morning.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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