Winners: Gears of War Mega Giveaway

By Dave Horobin,
Our Gears of War mega giveaway where we were giving you the chance to win each of the previous Gears console releases ended yesterday, and today it's time to see who our lucky winners are.

Before we do though, I'd like to say a big thank you to all of the people that sent me a PM with additional codes to increase the number of available prizes. toast


Title Qty Winners
Gears of War 3 Keyb0ardasaurus, Seb Sparrow and AdmiralMoo
Gears of War 2 3 Prodx, JesseB1ue666 and Timmay
Flashback Map Pack for Gears of War 2 6 KrispyKr1tter66, Birdachok007, Daeryoon, Siguardius, Marcos Aspira and MychellMotta
Gears of War 3 12 ColeTrain4EVER, Zomty, ImiltheWinged, TOXICxFURYxX, ImmortusWood, AP E JC, Timmay, SpyShadow, RupertW, Noodles Jr, Proscaline and
Gears of War: Judgment 8 Hawkes67, gingermonkoh, SugarlessStraw, JAY MAY GOD, AboveHunter, Davis4Ever, Nightmare xX and PitifulEar47
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 1 Hitman Marko
Congratulations to all of the winners. Look out for a PM from myself with your winning code(s).

Thanks to everyone that entered, and a special thanks to all of the following people who donated codes:

BeamyOwl, TH3FLYINGK0R3AN, BODZ61, CONKER1182, Rege, RedDragonSwords, ZNMS, ChadMarc, OobieDoobBenubi, Fightn Ares, RADtech2448, wellingtonbalbo, ORIGENxGarboMan, Garbar05 and Johnny Broflex
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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