Arena, Achievement Rarity And More Comes to the Xbox LIVE Preview Program

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
Now that you're an established member of your favourite group and can call on members of the Xbox LIVE community via the Looking For Groups feature we detailed last month, it's time to get competitive and nail some super-rare achievements with the new features introduced in the latest update for the Xbox LIVE Preview Program.

Arena feature

Arena, a new feature that began rolling out to Preview members today, will allow for players to start competing against the best and the worst the community has to offer. At the minute, Killer Instinct will be leading the Arena charge with daily tournaments available on the Xbox One and the beta version of the Xbox app on Windows 10. Currently, the practice tournaments are only available on the Xbox One in the US but there are plans to add more features and reach a broader audience later this month. If you do happen to own the fighting title and you are a part of the Preview Program, why not register via the Tournament tab in the Killer Instinct game hub.

As a highly requested feature on Xbox Feedback, many community members will be pleased to see Achievement Rarity come in to play in the Preview Program. Players will see a diamond icon highlighting a unique and rare achievement and will also receive a special notification when it unlocks. I've yet to pop a unique achievement but have noticed that achievements that have been unlocked by less than 1% of the community come with the diamond icon. Has anyone popped a unique achievement yet since they were rolled out a few weeks ago?

Unique Achievements

Looking for Group (LFG) has also been hit with some new features:

Starting today, you will be able to create LFG posts for future gaming sessions – up to seven days in advance! Additionally, based on your feedback, you can now create LFG posts directly in a Club and control who sees them: just members of the Club or everyone on Xbox Live. When creating LFG posts, you can also note what language the party will be speaking and filter your LFG searches based on the language.
Lastly, group messaging has come to Xbox LIVE. Available on the Xbox One and Xbox app (beta), group messaging is what it says on the tin. Add people to a group, send a single group message to everyone and also change the conversation topic in the group. Group messaging will come to the beta version of the Xbox app on iOs and Android devices soon.

Group Messaging

What do you guys think about the new features?
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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