Xbox Achievement Rarity Now Integrated Into TrueAchievements

By Rich Stone, 1 year ago
Good morning fellow achievement hunters!

A couple of days ago, Xbox released an Achievement Rarity update to the users in the Xbox One Preview Program.

Please note: As these Xbox features are only in Preview they not finalised and are still subject to change.

This feature included a couple of things:
  • Achievement unlock percentages shown on achievement lists
  • A modified icon and unlock noise when unlocking a "Rare" achievement
We immediately had a Site Wishlist Request asking for this to be integrated into TrueAchievements, and are delighted to have just released that update to the site.

Rare Achievement Indicator

If there is an achievement deemed as "Rare" by Xbox (their definition is that between 1 and 10% of game owners have unlocked it), we'll show a diamond icon next to the description on the game page (see Forza Horizon 3 for some examples).

Rare Achievement indicator on game pageRare Achievement indicator on game page

We'll also show you on your My Achievements page:
Rare Achievement indicator on My AchievementsRare Achievement indicator on My Achievements

Rare Achievement Filter

Want to have a browse to see all the Rare achievements you've unlocked? There's now a Rare filter in the Achievement Type dropdown:

Rare Achievement Filter on My AchievementsRare Achievement Filter on My Achievements

We've also added that filter to the All Xbox Achievements list.

TrueAchievements to Xbox Unlock Percentage Comparison

You can also see how the TA community stacks up against the entire Xbox community on any achievement page:

Unlock Percentage comparison on achievement page


Why don't we replace the TA Ratio with a new global Xbox Ratio?
There are three main reasons:
  1. We don't have the total game ownership numbers or the total achievement unlock numbers, both of which would be needed to make the ratio
  2. We think basing the TA Ratio on the TA Community makes the most sense to our members
  3. As stated above, this is still a work in progress by Xbox and there could well be more tweaks to come
Will you be adding the achievement rarity for Xbox 360 games?
That data is not currently coming back in our Xbox API but we will add it as soon as it becomes available.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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