EA Access Throws Back With an Infusion of PopCap Games

By Kelly Packard,
EA isn't very good at keeping a secret. Earlier this week, alert Xbox One gamers noticed some Xbox Live Arcade games they didn't own appearing in their Ready to Install section, namely Feeding Frenzy and Heavy Weapon. Later, an ad briefly appeared on the EA Access app showing a slew of PopCap games headed to the Vault. It was removed shortly after. Needless to say, what most of us forum hounds already knew has officially been announced — EA has added six backwards compatible PopCap titles to the EA Access library, which they're calling the "Throwback Pack."

EA Access Throwback

I think we all remember these oldies-but-goodies from the XBLA days:

The six games are already available for members via the EA Access app.

In other news, EA has confirmed that we'll be seeing Mirror's Edge Catalyst, EA SPORTS UFC 2 and the long-awaited Star Wars Battlefront hit the Vault before the end of 2016. Battlefield 1's Play First Trial is also scheduled to start in just a few days on October 13th. After that? We'll just have to wait and see.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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