Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour Achievement List

By Ashley Woodcock, 1 year ago
20 years ago, Duke Nukem returned to Earth in his space cruiser. As he descended on Los Angeles, his ship was shot down by unknown hostiles. This kicked off the sequel to Duke Nukem II as Duke Nukem did what he did best and kicked the ass of the alien attackers that were venturing through the Red Light District, prisons, Nuclear Plants, and many more locations.

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Duke Nukem made a return to the Xbox via Duke Nukem 3D on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, but now he's back in Xbox One form by celebrating the anniversary of the 1996 title. With levels old and new included in the upcoming title, plenty of enemies to kill, weapons to use, hot 2D chicks to save, and secret areas to find, what kind of achievement list will the title have in store for us?

There are 24 non secret achievements:
  • Piece of Cake - Complete "L.A. Meltdown" on any difficulty. (80 GS)
  • Let's Rock - Complete "Lunar Apocalypse" on any difficulty. (80 GS)
  • Come Get Some - Complete "Shrapnel City" on any difficulty. (80 GS)
  • Damn, I'm Good - Complete "The Birth" on any difficulty. (80 GS)
  • I'm Back, Baby - Complete "Alien World Order" on any difficulty. (80 GS)
  • Duke's Mighty Foot - Step on 40 enemies after using the Shrinker on them. (40 GS)
  • It Happens - Step in a pile of excrement. (15 GS)
  • Shake It, Baby - Tip an exotic dancer. (15 GS)
  • Oomph, Uugh, Where Is It? - Find 70 secret areas. (40 GS)
  • Alien Maggots are Gonna Pay - Finish the "Hollywood Holocaust" level in under 3 minutes. (40 GS)
  • Invaders Must Die! - Kill 1000 enemies. (40 GS)
  • Take No Prisoners - Kill every enemy on a level. (40 GS)
  • Cheating! - Use a cheat code. (15 GS)
  • All Too Easy - Find a secret area. (15 GS)
  • I Never Inhaled - Use the hookah in High Times. (15 GS)
  • See, I'm Tough Too! - Finish any level on "Damn, I'm Good" difficulty. (60 GS)
  • I Never Knew This Was Here - Finish a secret level. (15 GS)
  • That's What She Said - Listen to Developer Commentary (Use at least one trigger). (15 GS)
  • Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em - Use the Incinerator (15 GS)
  • Roast 'Em - Burn 50 bad guys to death. (40 GS)
  • Buzz Off - Kill a Firefly Trooper while it's flying small. (15 GS)
  • More Than 2 Weapons At Once? - Carry all weapons with ammo at once. (40 GS)
  • Nukem All - Kill 5 bad guys with one shot. (40 GS)
  • Rage Engage - Kill 10 bad guys in 10 seconds while on steroids. (40 GS)
There are 3 secret achievements:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

For full details about the title visit the Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary Edition World Tour page.
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