Mark McMorris Infinite Air World Editor Trailer and Screens

By Lucy Wood, 1 year ago
Get ready to show off both your riding and design skills in upcoming snowboarding game Mark McMorris Infinite Air. A new trailer and screenshots for the in-game World Editor demonstrate the role of user-generated content in the new title from HB Studios.

The Mark McMorris Infinite Air World Editor, similar to the one in HB Studios' previous game The Golf Club, will form the basis for the competitive side of the new title. Players will be able to compete on thousands of user-generated courses with leaderboards and top trending runs highlighted within the game.

The mountains of Mark McMorris Infinite Air are procedurally generated, giving players a constant stream of new experiences as well as the unlimited freedom to customise runs and craft entire sections of the mountainside. More than 100 items will be available in the World Editor at launch including ramps, rails and pipes.

Mark McMorris Infinite Air will be released on Xbox One on October 28th.
Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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