GTA Online's Bikers Bonus Event Brings Double GTA$ & RP Opportunities

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
If you're trying to reach Above the Law status in Grand Theft Auto V, you know the drill — look up what the special event is, check what game modes have double RP, then reap the bonuses. This week is no different. Here we see a long-running event centered around last week's "Bikers" update.


This week, any players who log in will receive a black Western logo hoodie just for doing so. If you're just looking for the double RP and GTA$ opportunities, be sure to head over to the new Slipstream Playlist, featuring the Slipstream adversary mode, which was added with the "Bikers" update. If the new mode isn't your style, there is also a double RP and GTA$ bonus going on in the Stunt Race Playlist.

This week you can also receive 25% off Resprays, Tire Smoke, Rims and Turbo, and a 25% Ammu-Nation discount on Bullet Ammo, Tints, Body Armor, Throwables and Drum and Box Magazines.

As always, you can earn triple RP for trying out the Premium Races. From now until October 17th, the featured Premium Race will be the Forest track, which is locked to bikes. Your opponents won't be getting too handsy here, as it is a non-contact race. From October 18th to 24th, the Premium Race will be switched to the Double Loop course, which only Super class vehicles can enter.

Premium Races

If you've been navigating your way through GTA's online world with real money, cash-back bonuses are being offered for Shark Cards, seen here:

  • Bull Shark - 15% money back (GTA$75,000)
  • Great White Shark – 30% money back (GTA$375,000)
  • Whale Shark – 35% money back (GTA$1,225,000)
  • Megalodon Shark – 50% money back (GTA$4,000,000)
The Bikers Bonus event went live earlier today and will be active until October 24th.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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