Launch Trailer Released for Clockwork

By Keith Gray, 1 year ago
Clockwork was announced around 18 months ago by Gamesoft as an upcoming puzzle-platformer that was due for release on Xbox One. In recent months, we have seen gameplay level videos and screenshots that showcase the many environments in the Watchtower that Atto, a young mechanical boy, has to navigate to come face-to-face with old friends and frightening boss battles.

Clockwork screen 15

The launch trailer demonstrates more levels from the game as well as the variety of different puzzles that Atto has to solve to continue his adventure. The video shows first-hand some of the game's other main features as follows:

- 60+ challenging puzzle-platformer levels through multiple districts of Watchtower
- Unique time-manipulation gameplay mechanic with plenty of tricky puzzles
- Rich and rewarding storytelling
- Hand-drawn, steampunk-inspired aesthetic and smooth animations
- Fantastically realized characters and the world
- Action & strategy-heavy boss battles

The launch trailer has been revealed because Clockwork is already available on Steam. The game is still scheduled for release on Xbox One during 2016.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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