Viral Event Update

By Chad and Jessie,
Hello fellow TA’ers,

We’re taking a momentary break from Viral Event 2016 to give you all an update on how it’s going so far. Thanks to the many suggestions that we’ve received via PM and Viral Event 2016 - Achievement List Suggestions, during the first week we increased the number of achievements that were included in the event. To see the full list of Viral Achievements that are now included in this event, head over here.

Viral Event

Here’s how germy we have been so far:
Number of TA'ers who have registered to host sessions - 455
Number of TA'ers who have joined sessions - 1071
Number of sessions created to date - 414
Total Virals Passed (includes only those Virals passed during Viral Event sessions) - 1359
Total TrueAchievement Score Unlocked - 52,249
That's a lot of Virals and a whole lot of TA score!

For those of you who have already registered and possibly hosted a viral session, thank you so much for your help thus far. Please take a moment to check your registration page to update your availability so that we can keep sessions running as smoothly as possible. While we’ve had a great start, there are some games for which we have a shortage of hosts. If you have some time to help out your fellow gamer, please register to be a host by heading here.

We’re in the final week of the event so now is the time to sign up for Viral Event 2016 Sessions and get those achievements that you’re looking for before this event goes back into the TA vault.

We’ve already had reports of a few zombies that are roaming around these parts so we need to address that issue (more on this event coming VERY soon). Until then…let's keep spreading the Virus!
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