TA@EGX 2016: The Adventure Pals, Insane Robots and Lost Castle Announced

By Rebecca Smith,
While the AAA titles make headlines at EGX, the Rezzed zone is the location for all of the smaller indie titles. It is here where we find the undiscovered titles, those that usually slip under the radar. Having revealed two titles from Merge Games, four from Square Enix Collective, two from Wired Productions and a new title from Pixel Blimp, we're back with three new titles from three different developers. All of these have been confirmed for Xbox One.

Insane Robots

Playniac's turn-based strategy title takes place in a perfect world where every robot knows their place... supposedly. This is until those robots start to malfunction and they are placed in the arenas to fight to the death, their battles being broadcasted everywhere for people to see. Not everybody is happy about this and eight robot freedom fighters are sent to infiltrate the battle arenas. Each has had their memory wiped so they have no idea who they are or why they're there; all that they know is that they carry the components of a virus deep within their code.

Each randomly-generated arena is presented on a hexagonal grid where players must decide whether to take on their opponents head-on or whether to hang back and let the others duke it out first. Once you clash with your opponent, battles take place in a token-based battle where players must choose whether to build up their defence to prevent an attack or whether to risk attacking first. The 22 unique tokens also include wildcards that can work to your advantage in any manner of ways. You can also upgrade your robots with over 100 augments (like Stealth, Teleport and Jet Pack) and unlock special boosts to "keep attacks unpredictable".

If the AI is wearing you down, you can also take on your friends both locally and online in a variety of game modes. Will you triumph in the arenas when the game is released early next year?

Lost Castle

Due to the game's release on Steam at the start of next month, console development for Hunter Studios' sidescrolling hack and slash style RPG has only just begun. Players will infiltrate Castle Harwood, a castle that used to be governed by nobles but has now been taken over by evils. The innocent civilians have been tortured, enslaved and murdered by the demons that have invaded the land. Now, brave adventurers have come from near and far to take Harwood back from the root of all evil.

Don't be deceived by the game's almost child-like appearance — this game is not for the faint at heart. In the very first enemy filled room, we were constantly beseiged by enemies to the point where we never managed to leave the room. As the game is randomly generated, we were told that we had just spawned into a very difficult game, but it didn't bode well for the rest of the castle. Players will have the use of over 100 weapons, 50 pieces of armour, over 70 items and over 50 potions to help them on their way. Just like the game's levels, the effects of the potions are also randomised and it is up to you whether you want to risk seeing what they will do in the midst of a tense battle. Levelling up your hero will also allow them access to new abilities.

If you don't fancy taking on the challenge on your own, you can always jump into the campaign with a friend. Do you dare take up the challenge?

The Adventure Pals

Having met its Kickstarter funding target back in August, developer Massive Monster has been touring The Adventure Pals around various game events across the world. The child-like action-RPG puts players in the shoes of the Hero. On his birthday, he receives a present from his Papa in the form of Sparkles the giraffe. Before the real celebrations can begin, though, Papa is kidnapped by his former friend Mr B. The Hero and Sparkles must together rescue Papa before he is turned into a hotdog by the evil Mr B. All of this sounds perfectly sensible, right? Well, I'm not sure if I would expect anything else from a game that has been fuelled by a child's imagination.

Players must explore a large world with five distinct areas, all of which have two towns that have quests for you to complete. Each quest takes the form of a challenging platforming level where you get to bash "baddies". At the end of the quest you'll be reqarded with the coveted ruby - all of these are needed if you stand any chance of getting Papa back. Along the way, defeated enemies will drop blue bubbles that will allow players to level up and increase their health, combat statistics and the effectiveness of another companion, Mr. Rock (we didn't meet him). You can also collect coins that can be spent in the shop to get more equipment and new abilities.

You'll be able to have your own adventures with the Hero, Sparkles and Mr. Rock when the game is released early next year.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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