Inside Dishonored 2's Epic Missions

By Kevin Tavore, 6 months ago
Dishonored 2 is right around the corner, releasing in less than a month. Today, the developers have released a new video where they speak about some of what they hope will be the most memorable parts of the game.

Dishonored 5

The developers wanted to do classic missions where you have a specific target in a unique character, but also wanted some epic theming. To them, this means designing the levels in a way that it creates a completely memorable place in which to play around. An example that they give is one of the first levels where you can travel through time. In one time, it's a crowded party. In the other, it's deserted. Another example is the Clockwork Mansion, where you can pull levers to rearrange the entire mansion.

Perhaps most importantly, one developer noted that his hope for Dishonored 2 is that, while it's not an open world game, you will have so many choices and approaches available to you that it feels like an open world. That's a high aspiration. Take a look at everything that they're talking about in the latest video.

Dishonored 2 will release for Xbox One on November 11th.
Kevin Tavore
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