All Gods Free and Double Everything in SMITE's Reaping Event

By Kelly Packard, 1 year ago
It must be October. Halloween-themed gaming events are crawling out of the woodwork like insects: an Outlast 2 demo, Overwatch's Halloween Terror event, witches in The Elder Scrolls Online...

SMITE would like to throw their hat in the ring with The Reaping Part I, which is the first installment in a trio of events. Running this weekend, Part I is offering up all gods playable for free alongside a double everything boost, which will multiply your worshipers, experience and favor earned by two. If you need to knock out some of the numerous god-specific achievements or have any worshiper or experience related achievements, this weekend would be a good time to chip away at them.


PC players are currently enjoying a spooky Arena variant, an appropriately creepy new character in Camazotz: The Deadly God of Bats, and several holiday-themed skins. If the regular trend of patching continues, Xbox players can expect the update next week. If you like achievements, the new patch will once again be adding six more.

The event goes live on Friday, October 14th at 5 a.m. EDT and will end on Monday, October 17th at 5 a.m. EDT.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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