Zombie Event Details

By Chad and Jessie, 1 year ago
We’ve been dropping hints and leaving bread crumbs for the last two weeks but enough of that; it’s ZOMBIE TIME. For the last two weeks we’ve been infecting the TA community by spreading viral achievements and now we’ve got zombies wandering around these parts. Starting Monday, October 17th and continuing throughout rest of the month, we’ll be matching gamers up and banding them together to take out the zombie horde.

Zombie Event 2016

This event will be run a little different than the previous event. Instead of looking for ‘hosts’ we will be matching up gamers based on achievements and availabilities. If you’re wanting to work on or towards any of these Zombie Achievements, you can register here.

A few things to be aware of for this event:
  1. Due to the HUGE number of zombie achievements included in this event we are ‘grouping’ achievements together based on game mode, map pack, and DLC. This means that sessions will have multiple achievements selected, and in some cases full games. Participants will need to communicate with each other prior to the session to determine exactly which achievements they want to work towards.
  2. Some of these achievements, such as Little Lost Girl in Call of Duty: Black Ops II can take upwards of 4+ hours to obtain. We will be creating sessions in one, two, or three-hour blocks based on what we believe allows participants time to work towards the achievements listed. In order for us to place you in a session, your available time will have to match with other participants time availabilities and the time parameters of the achievements.
  3. Not all achievements selected will be obtainable by all participants in one session. Some achievements require a bit of luck, quite a bit of skill, knowledgeable team members, and learning the proper steps/method to obtain. Multiple sessions should be expected.
Zombie Event starts on October 17th and runs all day, every day until November 1st. Clear your schedules, add your missing zombie achievements to your boost request list, and join the Community Event Sessions to fight off the Zombie Horde.