Friday the 13th: The Game Delayed, New Features to Be Added

By Chanse Wareham, 1 year ago
With Halloween, and times for all things spooky and creepy, rapidly approaching, the developers at Gun Media released a small trailer to let gamers know that Friday the 13th: The Game is still out there. This came only a couple of days before it was announced that Friday the 13th: The Game is going to be delayed into early 2017, along with some items that could be viewed as good news for those looking forward to the title.

The main features announced by the developers that are going to be added is a single player mode, along with offline bots. This sounds like it will add some much needed depth to the title, considering it was initially going to be an online only affair.

Details from the publisher regarding how/when portions of the game will be released are summarized below:

  • Late 2016 will see a beta launch for customers who have pre-ordered the game. This will also come with four additional beta keys so those gamers can play with their friends. This will be PC only.
  • Early 2017 will see the full launch of the multiplayer portion of the game.
  • Summer 2017 will see the single player and AI bot features release.
Jason on the dock

For those that have backed the game on Kickstarter, or pre-ordered, all of these new features will be free. But for those not yet invested, the digital price is going to go from $30 to $40 (US). Meanwhile, the physical edition is going to hold flat at the $60 (US) price point.

As of right now, we do not have any firm dates for the release of any portion of Friday the 13th: The Game , but once we hear some news, we will let you know!
Chanse Wareham
Written by Chanse Wareham
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