Reminder: Forza Horizon + DLC to be Delisted on October 20th

By Kelly Packard,
For all of the achievement hunters and game collectors out there, here is a friendly reminder that the original Forza Horizon and its numerous DLC will be removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace in just a few days' time on October 20th. Unfortunately, this reminder would not be so friendly if we failed to mention the issues the racing title has been experiencing for the past month or so.

Forza Horizon

Reports of the "Rally Expansion" servers being spotty began to surface as early as September. Attempting to access the feature has often yielded the error message that "This feature has been temporarily disabled," though a few gamers have managed to obtain them, stating that the servers are still functional but are highly unreliable. Nonetheless, this turn of events has led to these two achievements being flagged as partially discontinued/unobtainable:

Forza HorizonVendettaThe Vendetta achievement in Forza Horizon worth 48 pointsBeat Rivals in 10 events.

Forza HorizonRally RivalsThe Rally Rivals achievement in Forza Horizon worth 61 pointsComplete 5 Horizon Rally events in Rivals mode.

Users have also reported the inability to access downloadable season pass content and car packs, which are accessed and downloaded via an in-game store, as well as anything in general requiring online functionality. A complete server shutdown has not been confirmed by the developers, who only stated the game would be delisted and that players who already own the game "will still be able to download and play the game and its associated content as normal." Some users speculate it might be a Forza-wide issue, citing problems accessing certain features like the auction in this month's Forza Horizon 3.

Forza Horizon

The last known acknowledgement of the lack of functionality was a September 28th post by Community Manager Brian Ekberg on the official forums:

Hi folks,

We are investigating our options for re-enabling Rivals in Forza Horizon but we don’t currently have a timeline for when that may happen. As of now, Rivals remains in a disabled state to ensure a great experience for players throughout the rest of the game. Once we have more to share, I'll update this thread.

Unfortunately, we have not heard any updates since.

If you'd still like to purchase a digital copy of Forza Horizon, it is currently on sale in this week's Deals With Gold for US$4.99. However, some players find it potentially ominous that the DLC has not been included in the sale. Forza Horizon and all of its accompanying DLC will be officially delisted on Thursday, October 20th. If you are interested in purchasing the content, please keep in mind time zone differences and that the game may in fact be removed earlier than October 20th in your region. To avoid potential disappointment, be sure to make your purchases sooner rather than later. The base game will still be available in retail format, but the clock is ticking down on your last chance to snag the various DLC packs, several of which are free. You can find Forza Horizon and its DLC here.

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