HITMAN Finale's Launch Trailer and Elusive Target #13

By Kelly Packard, 2 years ago
He's been a lot of places. He's killed a lot of people. That's just the way it goes when you're employed as a hitman. This year, Agent 47's moseying and murdering were structured somewhat differently than usual — in the form of a six-part series. Monday marked the launch of the grand finale of HITMAN, set in Japan's Hokkaido.

If you haven't already loaded up your hard drive with the latest episode, queue up the download, prime your assassin instincts and polish your favorite weapons while watching the launch trailer:

According to Io-Interactive, HITMAN's developers, this episode will be "the culmination of everything players will have learnt in terms of both gameplay and story."

Another feature of the episodic structure was the promise of live contracts and timed assassination missions, which have been delivered on a regular basis all season. This week marks Elusive Target #13. Unfortunately the two targets, code-named The Ex-Dictator and The Gold Digger, are roaming around the Hotel Himmapan in Bangkok, Thailand, so you'll have to set aside your exploring of Hokkaido if you want to try your hand at this contract.

HITMAN Elusive Target #13

The 13th Elusive Target mission will be available for seven full days and went live earlier today. As always, you'll have just one shot at the assassination attempt, so plan carefully. There are classic HITMAN suits up for grabs as rewards at both the five and ten successful Elusive Target milestones.

As for Mr. 47, who knows what the future holds for him? Io referring to this set of episodes as "Season 1" or "the first season" sure as heck makes it sound like we're going to be seeing Season 2. In the meantime, it looks like they are content to keep providing live content for Season 1, which will receive a physical release in January 2017.

We've got the full list of HITMAN achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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