Rainbow Six Siege Previews Operation Red Crow Map

By Ashley Woodcock,
Ubisoft has released details, a preview video and a screen of the fourth post-launch free map making its way to their popular first-person shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Hopefully you don't have an issue with heights as Operation Red Crow will be set high above the streets of Nagoya, Japan, as two teams will do battle on a skyscraper.

Operation Red Crow

The story behind the map sees the team being put together to neutralize the criminals holding out inside the Yakuza-filled mansion. A faction within the "Higasiyama-gumi" turns against their leader and in turn, this causes mayhem, violence and bloodshed to kick off.

The game's art director Gregory Fromenteau details the art direction of the map design:

We played with various opposites while designing this map. For instance we mixed beauty with bloodshed, serenity with vertigo, and art with destruction. The goal was to trigger a sense of vertigo, no matter where you stood in the map.

It was an opportunity to revisit traditional Japanese architecture, mixing it with modern ventilation units, pipes, and the helipad also inhabiting this space. It was our way to create a dynamic map that would celebrate Japan from past to present.
During the daytime, players will square off during an early and foggy day just before the sun comes up. The horizon will be gorgeously filled with plenty hues of red. When darkness falls, bright neon lights fill the sky as the ambience clashes with the "spiritual haze" of the morning.

Take a look at the trailer for the Operation Red Crow map in the following video:

Operation Red Crow will be showcased on November 13th live on the Rainbow 6 Twitch TV channel. A release date for the map is yet to be announced.

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