The Xbox Preview Program is Now The Xbox Insider Program

By Kelly Packard,
The Xbox Preview Program, not to be confused with the separate Game Preview Program that offers gamers the ability to purchase titles still in beta like ARK: Survival Evolved and The Long Dark, is no more. Hailing all the way back from 2014, the program has allowed thousands of users to give their feedback on new features, apps and games directly to their designers. While it is but a thing of the past, its spirit is not gone completely — all of the former ways to test out everything new on Xbox has now been rolled into the newly-named Xbox Insider Program.

An important and welcome split the revamped program will provide is the ability to separate game and app previews from system updates. Though some users love bug testing and giving their feedback to the behind-the-scenes guys and gals at Team Xbox, others would prefer not to see these massive updates hit their Xbox One until all the rough edges have been hammered out. Now, opting out of these system updates won't exclude members from trying out a game or app early.

Xbox Insider Program

The Xbox Preview Dashboard has also been completely rebuilt. If you already have the preview app installed, these changes will automatically be downloaded to your Dashboard just like any app update. However, it's not available for all former Preview Program members just yet; according to an Xbox Wire post, the changes have started to be applied "to a small number of preview members who have provided the most feedback since the inception of the Xbox Preview Program." Everyone else already in the program will start to receive the changes "over the next few weeks."

A handful of new things you'll notice on the updated Preview Dashboard —or rather, Xbox Insider Hub — includes the following:

  • A new name — the Xbox Insider Hub
  • Personalized to give you more relevant announcements, quests, and Insider content opportunities to get early access to select games and apps
  • A new UI, inspired by the New Xbox One Experience, makes it easier to find the right info and provide more robust feedback
  • The Xbox Insider profile card where your contributions in the program come front and center
  • Support for multiple users on a console to participate and provide feedback
Also of note is that the Insider Program will soon be open to anyone, meaning no more of those pesky invitations that some users had to beg for. This feature isn't open yet and will be coming soon. However, according to the Xbox Wire post, the ability to receive system updates will be limited to the people who are already receiving them and won't be open to new members just yet, as the program "still has a huge number of volunteers already doing a great job testing and providing feedback."

As stated, many of these changes are not live for everyone yet and are scheduled to start rolling out in the coming weeks. If you have any additional questions, an FAQ page on the Xbox Support site has already gone live for the Xbox Insider Program here.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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